Dumpster Decision Time: Knowing When to Rent for Your Cleanup Crusade

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When to rent a dumpster

While it is no longer rare to find all kinds of dumpsters from professionals, individuals in Kentucky are still hesitant when the term dumpster rental is mentioned. Lack of information is one of the main causes of this. However, it is a safe bet that each of us will find it necessary, one day, to rent a dumpster.

Moving and renovation work are two different categories of activities, each producing a significant quantity of waste. Discover the different categories of waste, when to rent a skip and the different types of skips available on the market.

What are the different types of waste

When we talk about waste, we tend to only think of household waste. However, there are many other types of waste.

Recyclable waste (cardboards, plastics, etc.), bulky or bulky waste (torn mattress, broken sofa, etc.), plant waste (dead leaves, branches, etc.) or waste from demolition sites ( rubble, concrete, etc.).

It is important to clearly define the category of waste to be eliminated in order to rent a suitable dumpster container. Indeed, a dumpster for green waste will obviously not be able to accommodate rubble and vice versa.

Where should I throw my recyclable waste

All waste can be sorted and recycled, even the largest quantity!

For this type of waste, dumpster rental is an advantageous choice. Many companies have already invested in a waste bin. These skips are generally relatively light since they are only intended to receive light waste. A 15 m³ skip is largely suitable.

In order to protect your waste from bad weather, a shutter closing system has been designed. They are also equipped with doors at the rear of the container to facilitate loading by wheelbarrows or pallet pullers, for example.

There is a similar type of dumpster called open dumpster. This does not have protection on the top. It is therefore mainly used for the elimination of scrap metal, metals of all kinds or wood debris.

Where should I throw my green waste

So-called green waste is all plant waste: leaves, branches, weeds, etc.

This type of waste increases considerably with the arrival of good weather (when we start mowing the lawn, tending to the garden, etc.) and during the month of October when the trees lose their foliage.

The green waste skip is ideal for making compost, provided, of course, that all the rubbish placed in it is compostable. The dumpster for green waste is often installed in communities by the municipality in an ecological context. In this way, citizens are invited to take the time and habit of sorting their waste. In addition, they allow everyone to deposit their green waste without having to travel to the recycling center or local landfill.

Where should I throw away my bulky waste

Bulky waste is not the easiest to dispose of. Mattress, bed, sideboard, sofa, etc. Difficult to fit everything in a vehicle. It is possible to rent a dumpster of the same type as the waste skip. The difference lies in its size. For a dumpster suitable for bulky waste, it is preferable to choose a 30 yard container.

This is an advantageous choice when you do not have the possibility of depositing each bulky object at the recycling center. Additionally, the dumpsters are managed by the rental company. When moving or renovating part of your house, it may be interesting to rent a dumpster in order to dispose of all bulky waste. This also saves time by avoiding making several trips to the nearest recycling center.

Where should I throw my rubble

This type of waste is often produced by companies carrying out major projects or working on construction sites. This waste must be eliminated and cannot be thrown in the trash.

This is why it is possible to rent a rubble dumpster. These containers can be rented by professionals, as is often the case, but also by individuals who carry out work at home. However, it is important to know what waste to throw inside this rubble dumpster. Indeed, not all rubble should be thrown into these containers.

Only inert rubble is permitted. This waste is not dangerous for the environment and does not degrade. Inert rubble is considered to be earth, cement, stones, etc. Plaster, scrap metal or dangerous materials are prohibited in these dumpsters. You can consult the list of authorized and prohibited waste on a dumpster rental company website. Before renting your dumpster, it is important to define the type of waste that will be stored inside in order to obtain a container adapted to your needs.