Education and Research Programs

The Washington Street Historical Society maintains a website to provide educational resources on the history of the Washington Street neighborhood and its prominent figures. The website shall also host reports on central questions involving Washington Street and early Arab-American history. Publishing printed books of research, available at near cost through the website or at event, shall be a longer-term, future goal of the organization. In addition, given that the last people who remember Washington Street are leaving us, an urgent priority of the Washington Street Historical Society shall be to collect oral histories and to make them available online. The Washington Street Historical Society in concert with its membership of local historians has begun this oral history project by contacting key individuals with some memory. For more information on this project, contact us and we will put you in touch with our oral history team.

The first report of the Washington Street Historical Society is the commissioned architectural and historical analysis of two historic buildings of the neighborhood whose landmark designation we are seeking from the Landmarks Preservation Commission. Please read the report and establish for yourself the importance of protecting these last remaining structures.