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Walking Tour of Washington Street on November 10 (With Joe Svehlak and Esther Regelson)

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During Hurricane Sandy, lower Washington Street was flooded to near waist-high levels. Power is still trickling back, and the basements of most buildings were flooded, leaving some damage.

However, a few of the neighborhood’s great advocates — local historian Joe Svehlak and community activist Esther Regelson — are still going forward with a walking tour that they had scheduled for Saturday, November 10, 2012 at 2PM. If you are in New York and would like to see Washington Street for yourself, this is a tremendous opportunity to learn from two people who have done enormous work to raise awareness of the area’s history. I first learned about this preservation situation from them, and we are now collaborating together in further projects to improve education about Washington Street and Little Syria.

The meeting place is “inside the Staten Island Ferry Terminal at the bottom of the escalators on the left side.” You can also call Joe Svehlak (718-855-7354) or Esther Regelson (212-349-4396) for more information.

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