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New York Post and Latitude News Pieces on Washington Street

By Posted in - What's Happening Now? - News And Updates on August 1st, 2012 0 Comments

The campaign to protect 105-107 and 109 Washington Street received some important press attention in the last few weeks in the New York Post and in Latitude News. The article by Kate Briquelet in the Post (“Activists fight city to save last two buildings in ‘Little Syria'”) stresses the urgency of the preservation situation and demonstrates that city news organizations are taking notice of the crisis. In Latitude News, an innovative global news source founded by Maria Balinska, Nicholas Nehamas explores how the situation in Manhattan compares to the recent destruction of Phoenician ruins in Beirut, Lebanon. This is an interesting point: while we wouldn’t argue that there is something specific among Lebanese that cuts against historical preservation, there is a strong need for Lebanese and Arab-Americans to tell their immigration story to the public in a uniquely American context. The buildings on Washington Street, in a such a crucial location for New York and Arab-American history, are invaluable as cultural touchstones that can correct faulty assumptions and allow people to visualize the vibrant and successful neighborhood of Little Syria.

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