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As-Sameer A Semi Monthly Arab Magazine

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As-Sameer (Al Samir) was a monthly Arabic magazine that eventually became published five times per week by Elia Abu Madi. In either 1889 or 1890, Elia Abu Madi was born in the village of Al-Muhaydithah in what is now modern-day Lebanon. In 1911, Abu Madi relocated to Alexandria, Egypt to assist his uncle’s business. That same year, he composed his first poetry collection entitled Tadhkar al-Madi.

Not long after moving to Egypt, Abu Madi relocated once again to the United States, first settling in Cincinnati, Ohio. And just four years later, in 1916, Abu Madi moved to New York City to initiate a career in journalism. Elia Abu Madi built a successful empire in the Arabic journalism and literature field and became the chief editor of Mirat al-Gharb. A member of the Pen League alongside Khalil Gibran and Ameen Rihani, Abu Madi’s most successful project was As-Sameer. This publication recorded news from the Arab-American community and discussed development abroad.

Abu Madi wrote the chief editorials, and his publication contained business advertisements, which I have uploaded to this website under the previous business sector post. The impressive magazine is another reminder of all of the density and intellectual sophistication of the early Arab-American community.

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