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New Galleries of Little Syria and Preserved Artifacts

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Save Washington Street has now added new galleries to the “Photographs” section of this website. The more photographs that we collect, the better we can understand the history of the neighborhood through visualizations of what the neighborhood looked like and how life was like, whether for a store owner, a tenant in one of the many tenement on Washington Street, or a visitor that wanted to experience a new culture that was different from the other cultures that populated New York City at the time.

Our collection of artifacts and photographs is always growing. We hope that these artifacts and photographs will help in the process of the neighborhood being preserved, remembered, and honored as an important immigrant community alongside the many other great ethnic neighborhoods of New York City. The cultural achievements produced by Little Syria should also be remembered because of their many benefits for America’s growth and development.

The following galleries have been added:

First, we have added a gallery of personal family artifacts and items that have been purchased or obtained on or around Washington Street.

In this gallery, you will see artifacts pertaining to business. My family had a business on Washington Street since 1893, and I have been fortunate enough to own many of their business records. These artifacts generally consist of business invoices, business transactions books, stationary, and other business related memorabilia.

This next gallery is a personal collection of family photographs and portraits from various families and or relatives. Not everyone within this set of photographs can be identified.

Last is a gallery about the music of the Arab Americans. Most of these recordings were done in New York City almost one hundred years ago and have been preserved since then. This music can stir intense emotions due to its transportation of the listener to the time and the environment of the music’s production. Recorded music is one of the best ways to preserve a culture or identity.

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