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Artifact Donations and Acquisitions

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One of Save Washington Street’s chief goals is to collect artifacts from around the world related to Washington Street. These artifacts could be anything from business documents, to peddling equipment, to books and jewelry. As of February 2012, we are fortunate to say that individuals from around the country have donated some very interesting items to our organization.

Save Washington Street would personally like to thank Matthew, Tiffany, and Sebastian from Razor Emporium located in Phoenix, Arizona. They were able to donate one of their straight razors to Save Washington Street in January of 2011. The razor (with the company’s original business information inscribed on it) was once sold by D.J Faour and Brothers, a prominent banking group who were also in the importing and exporting business. They were situated on Washington Street as well as the surrounding areas of Little Syria. Everyone involved with this razor donation from Razor Emporium has been extremely humble and compassionate in regards to the Save Washington Street coalition. Individuals and groups of people like them firmly remind us of what we are attempting to accomplish, to raise awareness of what once was and to remember the thriving immigrant enclave that benefited the American fabric that we know of today. We are forever grateful for their act of kindness and generosity.

Other artifacts that we have obtained over the last few months have come from generous individuals on Ebay. We have successfully obtained a small collection of old Arabic/Syrian/Lebanese records from the early part of the 20th century that were recorded in New York City. Alexander Maloof was one of the most prominent Lebanese/Syrian conductors of the time period. He made many different records with his Syrian Orchestra and performed for Albert Einstein and Rabindranath Tagore. He was also working on Washington Street at one time in his life, and these records are a reminder of the beautiful sound that once populated Lower Manhattan in New York City.

We are also pleased and thankful to report that an original banking token from D.J. Faour and Brothers has been made available to us from a generous individual who admired what we are looking to accomplish. We now own two of these coins in our artifact collection (one of them is already on our photographs page) and we are always on the lookout for more.

This page will be updated with new findings and donations once they are made available to us through kind and generous people like those above.

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